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“Nice group of people who are clearly passionate about helping people. A modern fitout premises with a coffee shop next door .” Remedial massage, otherwise known as medical massage or sports massage, can help with a whole host of injuries and ailments. A wonderful add on to any facial for total relaxation.Or a lovely treatment on its own. BodyViva our team is made up of health experts who can deliver you the best pain-relieving services. Massage is an ancient healing tradition with ties back to Ancient Greece, Egypt, China and India.

Today marks the first day of the national Women’s Health Week – a week for women to stop and make their health a priority. This year, each day will focus on a different element of women’s health including heart health, mindfulness, bone health, physical activity and sleep and fatigue. Her work is deeply nurturing and healing and her clients say they feel fully supported by her.

This can lead to unhealthy positions when you stand or sleep, leading to damaged joints or a misaligned spine. LAWRENCE, Kan. — A man recently charged with a child sex crime had provided massage services to some University of Kansas women’s athletic teams since 2015, the school’s chancellor and athletic director said. Sadhana offers focussed & transforming massages in a private tranquil setting at her beachside residence, at reasonable rates.

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While many women enjoy being pregnant, and it’s a very exciting time, it can also be nerve-wracking. If you’re expecting for the first time, or you’ve had problems or complications during a previous pregnancy, you may be prone to stress and anxiety. Massage can help to facilitate calm and relaxation, reducing anxiety and eliminating the risk of side-effects, including heartburn and insomnia. We know we probably don’t have to twist your leg much to get more massages! If you’ve never tried massage, or want to better understand its benefits, read on. This article is dedicated to teaching the health benefits of massage.

Our goal as your natural health therapist is to provide you with gentle care, understanding and sanctuary. A soothing massage to de-stress, release muscle tension and balance body and mind. Louisa uses a unique blend of Swedish, remedial and relaxation techniques to provide the perfect combination of soft tissue massage for tension release and blissful relaxation. During pregnancy women experience significant hormonal changes in the body, and this can result in a wide range of symptoms.

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Increased relaxin can also contribute to lengthened ligamentous tissue and subsequent pain, massage can balance areas of the body by decreasing muscular tension. I am impressed on how all three communicate about my plan and goals and the feed back provided to me and my GP. I do love how they remember the personal things you discuss with them which provides a very personalised experience & service.

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The focus of a Tantric bodywork for women is often different from client to client, depending on your reasons for coming to see me. Through the sensual journey of Tantric Massage and Yoni massage, a woman can discover how to reach for radiant sexual happiness and wellbeing. With this Tantric bodywork, a woman can make her sexual energies flourish, balance out and nurture her in everyday life.

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If you fail to make a payment, Afterpay will charge a late payment fee of $10 with a further $7 fee added 7 days later if the payment is still unpaid. The funds for the first payment will need to be available at the time of purchasing. If you are a new Afterpay customer, the first payment will be made immediately at checkout, with following payments occurring over the next 6 weeks. Once you’ve been an Afterpay customer for more than 6 weeks, for orders under $500 the first payment is made in 14 days and the final payment in 8 weeks. Find the experience you want, Click “Book Now”, tell us who you are, pay and go!

It also gives you time to relax and have more trust and confidence in doing this work with me. Our expert team of physiotherapists at Chevron Island Physio will get you back to doing the things you love in the quickest time possible. Pregnancy is a one-of-a-kind experience, but that’s no reason to live with the pain. Pregnancy can be a tough time for a woman, with hundreds of little physical and hormonal changes occurring over the course of nine months. One of the changes we see affecting women most is the change to your centre of gravity . This change in gravity causes you to arch your back and makes it difficult to perform your daily tasks the usual way.

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The first 30 to 40 days after giving birth should ideally be a time of retreat, rest and recovery for you to overcome exhaustion, restore vitality and bond with your new baby. A good postnatal support is an investment in your future health based on scientific evidence and traditional wisdom. Our Postnatal Recovery Program delivers profound benefits for both your physical and mental health. A lovely combination of acupressure release, essential oils and relaxation massage. The massage aims to help the body produce its own hormones to induce labour naturally, while reducing stress.

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We know that getting you better is great, but keeping you that way is what’s important! Our vision is to empower and educate the people of the Gold Coast to be the healthiest version of themselves. Visit Oceanside Chiropractic for a pregnancy massage by one of our trained therapists. Located in Bardon, Brisbane QLD. Maitri Massage is a Remedial Massage practice specialising in Women’s and Children’s health. Driven by a passion for holistic health and an innovative approach to wellness, Louise Ryan started Maitri Massage in 2008. Our aim is to provide massage services to women and their families to ensure they experience optimal health during their pregnancy, to ensure a smooth transition to parenthood promoting positive bonding for new families.

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This can be to address injuries or reduce pain and tightness, but also plays a key role in enhancing recovery and preventing injuries, to ensure that athletes are able to perform at their peak. Our experts at Revolve can also give you advice and suggest training modifications and exercises that may be beneficial. The list of benefits for infant massage is extensive, including improved sleep, relief of colic and reflux and enhanced immunity. We take a tailored approach, targeting key areas of your body chosen by you and your physiotherapist.

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The particulars of the sports massage technique are specific to the athlete’s sport of choice. Focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive movements. Specially designed sports massage promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance, helps prevent injuries and prepares their body and mind for optimal performance. Mick Curran, Natalie Bell and Stephanie Polmear are experienced remedial massage practitioners.

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If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, please let us know within 24 hours of your treatment and your next standard appointment will be free. Rewire neural pathways through exercise physiology, to help manage Parkinson’s Disease 림프마사지 and its symptoms including tremors, imbalance and stiffness. My therapist, Nuria, knows exactly what treatment I need and delivers that every time. This reduction in heart rate indicates a relaxation response to the treatment.

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I was gifted the Clay Body Wrap and a Aromatherapy Facial and I loved every minute of my time at Swiss Wellness. Meg is a very popular at the clinic and often has a waitlist of clients. She is such a caring and respectful therapist, known for being in tune with what clients need. We want you to be happy with your treatments here at Chevron Island Physio.

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A unique opportunity exists for a massage therapist to join our team of expert health and wellness practitioners. In traditional Chinese medicine, postnatal care is vital in the mother’s recovery after childbirth. The aim of postnatal care is to repair your body from the physical strain and energy used during labour, nourish and replace lost fluids, and strengthen your vitality to assist in caring for your newborn. To be the best mum you can be, you need to allow yourself to be supported. At Noosa Body Mechanics, we can support your recovery after birth, so that you feel stronger physically, emotionally and mentally.

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Fan will use multiple massage techniques such as meridian massage, remedial, sound vibrations, breath regulation and/or energy work. Fan will offers her unique Harmonising Massage treatment and the signature Louisa Carter Health Body Bliss Massage treatment. Also a yoga and dance instructor, Grace has a keen interest in the mind-body connection and is a passionate advocate for balancing our busy lives with holistic health and wellbeing practices. Brianna is interested in our mind-body connection, believing massage is a powerful tool for connecting us back to our bodies, to ourselves, and releasing that which is stuck or stagnant. If you are looking to support your immune system and stay proactive with your health, book in for a 30min immunity season via zoom, Skype or phone consultation.

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Over the years Tess has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. Tess has a strong massage style releasing tension with her confidence in remedial techniques. She has a beautiful slow broad and deep pressure, that is deeply relaxing.

A hypertonic muscle has a reduced range of movement due to it being tight. A hypertonic muscle also has an increased risk of strains and injury because the structures have become too taught and is able to spring back as easily. Massage can help to release these hypertonic muscles and may increase flexibility. The soreness someone feels the next day can reduce motivation as well as performance of a work out. Massage is a great way of helping stretching and releasing tight muscles, reducing the overall tenderness from a work out.


Anja was the first practitioner to join the Qi Rhythm team over fifteen years ago. Completing her training at the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne, she has over eighteen years experience working with pre and postnatal women. She is also a qualified naturopath, completing her Bachelor of Health Science at the Southern School of Natural Therapies. With a great interest in pre-conception, pregnancy and post-natal care, she is passionate about supporting women and helping to strengthen and restore the body. At Qi Rhythm we are passionate about nurturing and supporting women, helping to encourage a healthy rhythm of self care and awareness throughout motherhood.

Our massage team are backed by a wealth of experience in three physiotherapists who are always available for further expertise and guidance in your treatment plans if required. We are a close knit team at physiozest and our massage practitioners and physiotherapists are always working together to provide optimal treatment options for our patients. Pregnancy and childbirth are the most physically intense experiences a woman’s body can endure. It is critical that every woman knows how to look after her pelvic floor.

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Nurturing and therapeutic pregnancy massage from your first trimester and beyond, including specialised treatment for pregnancy related pelvic-girdle pain. Remedial massage is the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments & connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain & injury. The Elite Therapy Clinic at Tokyo Physio has the finest facilities available. They include a fully equipped gym with a squat rack, a large range of free weights and a treadmill.

The Yoga she is taking me through is easy to replicate at home and calms me down prior to going to bed for a peaceful night sleep. The massages she does also unblocks and cleans the system internally. During massage, the pregnant woman should provide feedback on the pressure and level of discomfort. She should also not lie flat on her back for long periods after 19 weeks. Sidelying positions with lots of pillows to support the legs and belly is a favourite. Or supported sitting whilst leaning forwards may be another comfortable position.

Last year, a former volunteer assistant volleyball coach admitted stealing underwear from women on the team. The judge found his crimes were sexually motivated and ordered him to register as a sex offender for the next 15 years. “Though still in the early stages of this process, we are deeply troubled by what we have learned so far,” according to their statement. They did not directly address the extent of their findings. She originally trained in Seattle USA, at the prestigious Brian Utting School of Massage with honors where she became registered in the USA as a massage practitioner after achieving her qualifications in Swedish Massage. Prepare for the season ahead with gifts you can shop both in spa or online.

Her massage style nurtures, prepares and truly supports the ever-changing body during pregnancy, birth and beyond. Helps de-stress and loosen up your body and is great for those who feel like treating themselves to some TLC! The treatment consists of flowing strokes, kneading and gentle manipulation of the muscles performed at your chosen pressure. Remedial massage can stimulate the blood supply, make joints more mobile, and help to repair damaged tissues. The therapist will aim to balance the length, tone and tension of muscles and tendons, which restores the correct position of the bones, increases blood flow and helps heal injuries.


Each presentation is unique, and we tailor each approach according to your needs. More than a just a good rub down, all of our therapists specialise in musculoskeletal assessment. They will seek to understand your history and goals and develop a treatment plan to address your specific requirements. “Members First” provider physiotherapists , for Medibank Private and BUPA, respectively. Pain tolerance, on the other hand, is how much pain you will be able to withstand before it becomes very uncomfortable and you are unable to relax.

Our physiotherapists are from Australia and England and our pilates and massage team are from America and Japan. A traditional form of massage therapy to soothe any tight muscles, reduce your stress and increase mobility. Our experienced team of Women’s Health Physiotherapists provide personalised care during pregnancy, following delivery and beyond. We offer a range of Osteo services in our clinic in Yarraville, Melbourne, VIC. We also offer other integrative health treatments that support Osteopathic work.


After giving birth, your pelvic floor is healing, just like any other muscle needs to heal after an injury. The ability of your pelvic floor to heal and recover will be enhanced by the amount of care and support you give it. My background working in youth work further enabled my passion in helping people communicate better and understand one’s mental and emotional health issues. I really believe that massage therapy is a great way of supporting mental andemotional health through physical touch. As a qualified Naturopath and Massage Therapist Louisa offers a range of therapeutic, healing treatments and techniques to support the unique needs of each woman and the life stage they are in.

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In severe cases of untreated fibroids, a full hysterectomy is performed. This involves removing the entire uterus and is a very invasive and permanent procedure. In other cases, women opt for intrauterine medications or oral medications. If you would prefer to try something natural before going down the medication route, you can have a go at massage for fibroids. Using their anatomical knowledge and unique massage techniques, your massage therapist will help to increase your chances of getting rid of fibroids for good.

Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, our sports massage Gold Coast clinic at Runaway Bay can assist you today with rehabilitation and recovery and performance improvement. Depending on the problem or your preferences, this type of massage can be anything from a more relaxing gentle and shallow massage, through to a strong deep tissue massage. Tim loves helping people and tailoring the massage to individual needs, incorporating relaxation into remedial.