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A popular choice in spas across the UK, this beautiful oil adds an extra touch of luxe to your Sunday evening bath time and deserves to be paired with your favourite tea and a good face mask. It offers a range of treatments for men and women and does not cater for children. For home visits at your chalet/hotel, the therapist will bring everything which may be required for assessment and treatment.


In accordance, preliminary human studies confirmed that the effects of essential oils go beyond the neurobiological domain influencing also the somatic and behavioral status of stroke patients. Many people turn to stimulants like tea, coffee and other illegal substances to boost their energy levels. Other than being highly addictive, some of the stimulants like coffee can have adverse effects especially on expectant women.


When essential oils are taken orally this is a form of herbal medicine, not aromatherapy. Aroma diffusers will instantly fill the air with your favourite scents by revolutionary nano-mist technology. Simply add tap water and a few drops of your favourite fragrance or essential oils to release a calming scented mist. Our range of aroma diffusers not only effortlessly fill the air with fragrance, they also release a soothing light, whilst creating a serene haven in any room. Add a touch of luxury and elegance to your interior with designs crafted from natural ceramic, wood or glass; the wellness essential for every home to bring a calming aura of serenity. Beauty products containing essential oils are often described as having aromatherapy properties.

As knowledge and chemistry became more advanced through the rise of the modern world essential oils were still being researched and recorded by pharmacists. By the eighteenth century essential oils were still suggested to be used in medicine and by the nineteenth century essential oils were starting to be replaced by man made chemicals. The Greek Theophrastus wrote a treatise called ‘Concerning Odours’.

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Aromatherapy can also be absorbed using scents, and this can be done by anyone at home. Popular methods include diffusers, aromatic spritzers, bath salts, body masks and applying hot or cold compresses to the skin. Sweet orange is a refreshing, cheerful oil that gives a warming and joyful energy. It has a calming effect on the nervous system, helping with depression, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia.

In fact, a 2016 study found that scalp massages can also help lower blood pressure and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Swedish massage, also known as classical massage, is a type of full body massage. Therapists use varying pressures and techniques to release tension in the body and eliminate knots in the muscles.

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It can be used to support nervous disorders such as indecision, excessive or uncontrollable emotion, mental and physical exhaustion and depression. A useful oil for times when there has been a change in life that result in feelings of vulnerability and for nervous exhaustion. A circulatory stimulant, it’s hot invigorating nature makes ginger a powerful rubefacient and great for the treatment of poor circulation resulting in cold hands and feet. It also stimulates and warms the digestive system, therefore a great oil for poor digestion, bloating, abdominal distention and flatulence.

Provenance means that we know where it was grown, at what altitude it was grown, how it was distilled, what type of still was used, and many other factors. Ecological considerations too have to be considered and any extraction has to be compatible with what we call nature conservation. Foe example we take our high altitude Lavender from a very special type of still, constructed from stainless steel but when it comes to Orange bigerader we use material that comes from a traditional wooden still. At each turn we need to respect the essential oil and we need to respect the plant.

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At Champneys our personalised range of sports, holistic and therapeutic aromatherapy massages is unrivalled. Alternatively, you can use essential oils as an aromatherapy bath blend. “Use up to six drops of essential oil in 10ml of a base carrier oil – such as apricot kernel, sweet almond or jojoba, for example – and add it to warm running water. If you add essential oils directly to your bath, they will just sit on top of the water and could, potentially, irritate your skin when they come into contact with it. Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy, that uses essential oils derived from plants and flowers. It is designed to treat the whole body, and it aims to assist with the body’s natural ability to heal and recover from stress and illness.

Essential oils have been used for centuries as a traditional medicine in many cultures. After an explosion in his laboratory, which left him with major burns. Tell the therapist if you feel uncomfortable at any time or want them to stop.

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Lovely gift ideas – I bought some wonderful soap flowers and bath oils. Aromatherapy is clearly a tool that can be implemented within the workplace which may influence perceptual, physiological and psychological outcomes for employees. Despite the potency of previously investigated aromas to affect these measures, research is equivocal as to their use. Further research that identifies aromas which can stimulate benefits to both wellbeing outcomes and workplace performance will be of use to employers who are looking to optimise their office environment.

Aromatherapy is however the term that people have historically been familiar with and remains the preferred title. Aromatherapy uses essential oils in a controlled way to promote personal wellbeing. Essential oils are concentrated, naturally occurring, chemicals extracted from flowers, trees and other plants. These oils are harvested very carefully from specific plant parts, like the flower, at specific times of the growing cycle. Potentially vast quantities of plant material is required to produce small quantities of essential oil.

Aromatherapy could also be less expensive and has fewer side effects than traditional pain management drugs. Evidence coming from the human studies would suggest the definition of new randomized controlled clinical trials to amplify this effect useful to provide stability and strain relief. In this regard, the works made by Lee et al. and Shin and Lee demonstrated that the effects of aromatherapy extend beyond the pain domain. Indeed, a better improvement after treatment has been found for behavioral symptoms as well as for clinical symptoms .

They infiltrate the deeper layers of the skin to encourage the process of cellular renewal, enhance blood circulation, and help with skin problems such as acne and eczema. Researchers believe aroma molecules in essential oils interact with the olfactory receptors in your nose. When inhaled, they send messages via the olfactory nerve to an area of the brain called the amygdala2. It’s part of the limbic system, responsible for emotions, behaviour, heart rate, and memory. In this way, essential oils can influence your feelings and reactions.

Whether you use a candle, reed diffuser or steam diffuser is up to you. Scented candles’ flickering light adds more ambience to dark and chilly evenings and there are plenty to choose at all price points in both natural and manmade waxes. However, for a high quality option, you’re looking at an average price of around £50, which for a hour burn, can make replacing them pricey. Caution, precautions for use are essential because essential oils are extremely active principles.


A great alternative to candles, using essential oil diffusers is a perfect way to help you relax, revive and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is believed to be one of the most effective ways for essential oils to be absorbed into the blood stream and circulated around the body. This supports our limbic system which controls our emotions, mood and memory. Create the perfect aromatherapy moment with our aromatherapy products, including our range of pure essential oils, massage oils and home fragrances. With mood-enhancing abilities, they can help to uplift, relax and revive you. Six studies were conducted in UK, five studies were conducted in Turkey, the other studies were conducted in China, Australia, America, Korea, Brazil and India.

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Massage with the right essential oils helps to stimulate the production of endorphins. These ‘happy hormones’ are also a natural form of pain killer and can help to ease contraction pains. Equally, the progression of labour is largely dictated by mood with muscles tensing up under times of stress. Also, it helps to ensure the labour environment is calm and relaxing for both mother and baby. Infused with rich essential oils, our reed diffusers enable you to reap the benefits of aromatherapy on a daily basis. Giving off beautiful and beneficial fragrances, the oil-based diffusers constantly pump out their fantastic vapours without you having to do a thing.


For that reason, our tester reckons this scent would work wonders dropped onto a tissue for a cold or hay fever symptoms. While it is sharp, the blend is also balancing for senses and doesn’t feel too intense. Forest therapy, the brands ground and restore scent, is an ingredient mix of pink pepper, cypress and ho wood, as well as cypress and Sicilian lemon. Our tester notes this to be an invigorating spa-style scent, which is brisk but stimulating for your senses.


However, be cautious while inhaling the oils, particularly if you are suffering from an allergy. A safer way to inhale essential oils is sprayed on 로미로미 a piece of cloth or inhaling directly from the bottle. A complementary therapy means you can use it alongside your conventional medical treatment.

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Disease was viewed as a disturbance of this balance, with the route back to health being a re-balancing of these three – in other words, holism. Having a weak immunity can be a nightmare as one gets exposed to diseases frequently. Essential oils like peppermint, cinnamon, lemon, oregano among others are known to contain antifungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial abilities which are known to boost the body’s immune system.

When you are looking for a cheap and cheerful option, heat diffusers work very well. They disperse the essential oil but because the heat alters the chemistry of the oil it can have an impact on the health benefits of each individual oil. Users must also be aware of the dangers posed by the burning flame in certain environments such as with young children around.

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While occasional use is not something you should worry too much, people who frequently use candles are most at risk. They can also be used in fragrancing, cosmeceutical, food and drink, and other industries. Essential oils are aromatic, concentrated plant extracts that are carefully obtained through steam distillation, cold pressing, or resin tapping. We offer essential oils, blends, and oil-infused products with the optimal levels of specific, naturally occurring essential oil constituents to maximise their potency. In the last few years, new studies have been made for demonstrating the impact of aromatherapy in alleviating physical and emotional symptoms in stroke patients, but until now a revision of literature is lacking.

Research has shown aromatherapy using rosemary oil may improve cognitive function in patients with dementia6. Lavender essential oil – from fragrant lavender flowers – is a popular and versatile oil. Lavender is our go-to for improving sleep, reducing anxiety attacks, and soothing burns and skin irritation. Just a few drops on your pillow at night can encourage restful sleep3. In this essential guide, we’ll explore the purpose of aromatherapy and how it works.

These small moments of calm throughout the day are the true meaning of what aromatherapy is all about. Maurice went on to publish his findings and his work sparked a huge interest in the use of plant extract oils in medicine and therapy. More and more scientists started looking at the incredible healing properties of plant compounds. For example, in aromatherapy, one may choose an essential oil such as rosemary in order to tonify or strengthen – an energetic action required in conditions of deficiency or weakness. None of this is to deny that chemistry has a role in the understanding of essential oils and in their application.


We launched in December 2017 and very quickly grew to be market leader and were voted The UK’s Favourite Spiritual Online Shop in the Summer of 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021. We have served hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers to date and have over 100,000 Facebook & Instagram fans. We hope you enjoy our site and products and if there is anything you would like us to stock, please feel free to ask.


Essential oils are made from flower, herb and tree parts like bark, root, peels and petals. When an essence is extracted from a plant, it becomes an essential oil. Inhalation capsules with essential oils Puressentiel in our pharmacy…

Phototoxic reactions, nausea and headache have been noted as rare and transient adverse effects. Many essential oils are believed to have the potential to either enhance or reduce the effects of prescribed medications. Other RCTs have failed to show benefit in terms of symptom control in cancer patients, pain control, anxiety or quality of life in hospice patients, postoperative nausea, anxiety during radiotherapy or abortion. We offer aromatherapy massages which last for 30 minutes through to 90 minutes.

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There is also a science behind the way in which essential oils work. They are composed of naturally occuring chemical constituents such as alcohols, esters, phenols and aldehydes. Lavender’s main constituent is linalyl acetate; Roman Chamomile’s is isobutyl angelate, both of which are esters.

However pure essential oils must never be used directly on the skin. A couple of exceptions would be Lavender and Tea tree which can be used neat on burns, insect bites or spots . During the Renaissance, physicians, pharmacies and chemists published books in Europe about aromatic remedies and the use of aromatherapy and essential oils for pharmaceutical purposes and relaxation.

Even oils that are generally safe during this time may be too stimulating for women who are prone to miscarriage. In the second and third stage use only the gentle floral oils such as Rose, Neroli, Lavender, Ylang-ylang, Chamomile, Geranium, Sandalwood, Spearmint, Frankincense and the Citrus oils. Know someone who might benefit from one of our aromatherapy candles?